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The Creative Therapy Podcast

The Creative Therapy Podcast

welcome to creative therapy, a podcast where we talk about what it's REALLY like to be a creative entrepreneur and get into the details of what it's like to work for yourself. It's like part career advice and part group therapy session

every week your hosts, Daniela Brown + Learda Shkurti get into the backstory, the failures and the lessons learned, and focus on mindset practices and beliefs that help take your business to the next level. think of this as a group therapy session with other creators who are struggling with a lot of the same things you are

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about your hosts:

Daniela Brown is a holistic content strategist + consultant for sustainable and ethical brands. she has spent the past 10 years creating content as a fashion photographer + content producer in the US, Germany + Abu Dhabi.

Learda Shkurti is a certified digital marketing strategist with a focus on modern trends + an online brand manager for creative entrepreneurs and businesses. She has spent the past 5 years working on major film productions with National Geographic, CBS, AMC, Amazon and Twenty Century Fox.

See you in therapy!

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